Aarresaari network 20 years (1 September 2014)

Active network operator

The central aim of the Aarresaari network – the network of university career and recruitment services – is to provide national coordination services in the career and recruitment sector. The network comprises 12 universities all over Finland.

In the rapidly growing and changing field of higher education, consolidation of steering, and particularly of steering careers and working life, is part of the successful implementation of the national educational strategy.

Changes in working life and recession are also reflected in the employment opportunities of people with university degrees and create pressure to increase working life orientation in degree programmes. One key question is how to keep the working life and labour market knowledge of the students at a sufficiently high level. Universities' career and recruitment services play a great role in this.

From the perspective of employers, the key themes are efficient models for cooperation between universities and the employer community and direct contacts at campuses. It is often recommended to start improving the employer image or planning of recruitment aiming to acquire new resources with career and recruitment operators in your own area.

A brief history of Aarresaari and Career Services

Career and recruitment activities were launched in Finnish universities in autumn 1994. Since the establishment of career and recruitment services, university units have cooperated closely and develop their operations together. National networking has increased the impact of the operations and their social significance.

At first, the activities of the national network were free in form and cooperation was based on organising various events and projects. In 2011, the universities signed an official cooperation agreement on the activities of the Aarresaari network (academic career and recruitment services in Finland).

The website produced by the network was the first nationwide service concept specialising in campus recruitment aimed at employers and simultaneously a common service system for students of various universities. In recent years, the Aarresaari website has been among the most popular Finnish work- and career-themed websites. The aim of the website reform implemented in 2014 is to further clarify the profile as a recruitment channel for university students and recent graduates.

Career and recruitment services have a clear common mission for their operations: to promote appropriate and high-quality placement of students and recent graduates in working life. Achieving this goal requires diverse interaction between employers, stakeholders, students and universities.

Services provided by university career and recruitment services:

For employers

  • visibility for employers; company and career events
  • campus recruitment
  • job placement and final thesis cooperation

For recent graduates and students

  • info about open vacancies
  • individual and group steering; training provision
  • information services, informative events, other events
  • info about internship offers and master's thesis commissions

For universities

  • monitoring of employment quantity and quality
  • teaching and job placement development/expert services
  • support and implementation of working life orientation studies
  • working life connections/contacts with alumni