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Employers can advertise jobs and internships via the JobTeaser service, which is used by the University of Helsinki, Tampere University, University of Turku, University of Jyväskylä, University of Eastern Finland, Hanken School of Economics, Åbo Akademi, Aalto University, LUT University, University of Oulu, University of Lapland and the University of Vaasa.

Career Services Network of Finnish Universities

The Aarresaari network is the national employment and career services cooperation network of Finnish universities. As a network, we provide services to university students and recent graduates as well as universities, employers and interest groups. The network has been operating actively for over 20 years.

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Find a specialist

You can find experts of all fields in universities – from technical sciences to humanities. The universities’ channels help you reach students and recently graduated bachelors, masters and doctors who are looking for suitable work, internships and opportunities for thesis collaboration.

There are more than 160,000 university students in Finland.

Cooperation with Universities

Universities cooperate with companies and organisations in many ways.  You can attend events, apply for mentoring programs, or be part of teaching.

Your partner in cooperation can also be Aarresaari-network.

Career Planning

The role of the career counsellors and career services of universities is to support the students in their own career planning processes during their studies and guide them towards things that are meaningful to them.

and Job Search

An internship completed during your studies is a good opportunity to gain work experience in your own field, as well as network in the field. By already beginning networking during studies, you can gain information about the operators in the field and possible work opportunities.

Graduates in Working Life

Universities collect information on graduates’ careers and academic labor markets through a career monitoring survey.


Career Monitoring Results Now Include a Report on Salaries!

Results of University Career Monitoring Surveys Published – New Report Includes Salary Information!   The results of the 2023 career monitoring surveys for universities have now been published on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Vipunen service! The survey targeted master’s graduates from 13 Finnish universities who graduated in 2018 and doctoral graduates who graduated…
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Joint job portal for all Aarresaari network Universities

All of the Universities in the Aarresaari network start using a joint job portal Aarresaari JobTeaser in the spring 2024   The main goals for Aarresaari network is to promote the career skills development and employment of university students and recent graduates and develop universities’ internship practices and contacts with employers. We want to support employers…
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Aalto Summer Job Day

2024-01-18 - 2024-01-18
Aalto Summer Job Day is a recruitment and career event that focuses on summer jobs and thesis assignments. Summer Job Day 2024 will be organized on January 18th, 2024 in…
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HelsinkiUNI Career Day

2024-01-19 - 2024-01-19
Is your organisation hiring summer workers or trainees or looking for recent graduates for your trainee programme? If the answer is yes, take part in the Career Day recruitment event…
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Career talk with a low threshold 

Post-pandemic daily life created a need for a new type of community-based career guidance in which other students’ opinions and questions are part of the process. The career service staff of Hanken and the University of Helsinki have since learnt that an open invitation to coffee goes a long way.
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Is your field suffering from a shortage of talent?

Shortage of talent is a daily recurring topic on news and current affairs programmes. “Talent shortage poses a threat to investments in Finland.” “Up to 80 per cent of employers report problems finding the skills and talent required.” What are the fields suffering from a shortage of talent, and why? The national career monitoring survey,…
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Degree, working life and satisfaction

Reflections on the results of the university career monitoring survey What is the most important thing in working life – appreciation, pay or type of work? I was left pondering this when I looked at the results of the university career monitoring survey. The survey did not provide an answer to this question, but it…
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International students on the labour market

– on or off course? From time to time, newspaper articles and news items talk about unemployment among immigrants, women in particular, and a simultaneous shortage in the workforce (Yle, 8 March 2022 and HS, 8 November 2021). Social service and healthcare professionals are particularly scarce (see Yle, 27 September 2021). Every year, some 100…
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A coaching-like approach to support internships

A successful learning experience rewards both the student and their instructor For many university students, the summer also involves an internship or summer job. Workplaces welcome students in various roles: as mentors, colleagues or even internship instructors. The start of an internship is an important stage during which people get to know each other, prepare…
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