Internship is work experience

Work experience acquired during studies is an important part of your studies. Work experience increases your opportunities to find employment after graduation. You can get work experience through a variety of summer jobs, voluntary work and internship programmes in Finland and abroad.

The aim of an internship is to apply knowledge learned in education practically and to help structure theoretical knowledge. Contacts acquired during the internship and work experience in your own field are important in finding employment.

Learning goals for the internship

Before starting to look for an internship position, set goals for your internship and monitor their progress during the internship.

After the internship

You will get more out of your internship if you reflect on what you learned after the internship, for example, by asking yourself the following questions. Think of the questions also during the internship.

  • What skills and competences did I need to perform my work tasks?
  • What tasks did I like and at which ones did I do best?
  • What tasks did I like the least and which I could have done better?
  • What did I learn about my own field?
  • Was the field interesting enough for me to want employment in it after graduation?
  • What kinds of contacts did I make during the job placement?
  • How did I like the workplace and my work colleagues?
  • What was my role in the working community?
  • What kind of feedback did I get from the employer and my colleagues?
  • How did the employer benefit from my job placement?

How can I find job an internship in Finland or abroad?

Internship practices related to studies vary by field of education and university. Find out about internship practices from your own university.