Universities are collecting data on careers again



Every autumn, around 18,000 university graduates are sent a national career monitoring survey. The survey is sent to graduates who have completed their Master’s degree five years ago and to doctoral graduates who have completed their degrees three years ago. The next round of career monitoring surveys will be launched in October! 


The career monitoring survey provides comprehensive information on the labour market position of graduates, career development and the correspondence of their studies with working life. The responses are used, for example, in the development of education and career guidance. The results of the Master’s career monitoring survey also have an impact on universities’ funding. By responding to the survey, alumni can help current and future students in career planning, and every response is valuable. 

Universities have a long tradition of collecting career monitoring data. The first nationwide survey was already carried out in 2004. The career monitoring survey is undertaken by the universities’ joint Aarresaari network. 


Universities produce academic experts 


In the light of the results of career monitoring surveys, the most vital skills needed in working life are the ability to learn new skills, self-direction, and initiative. Other important skills include, among other things, collaboration, tolerance of stress and problem-solving. There are field- and job-specific differences in competence needs, but these core academic skills are useful in most jobs.  


Eighty-seven percent of university graduates are satisfied with their degree while 86% are satisfied with their career to date. Satisfaction is also reflected in the fact that 88% of respondents would recommend their university education to others.  


The results of the career monitoring survey may be browsed 


The results of the universities’ career monitoring survey are publicly available on the Vipunen education statistics service. The Töissä.fi online service supports the career planning of applicants and graduates. It provides a large collection of examples of occupations and job titles and related career stories.  


Links to the results 


Vipunen.fi (University education – > Career monitoring) 

Aarresaari’s Graduates in working life page/ 




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Universities’ career monitoring  

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