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There are two systems for the publication of jobs and internships for students in universities:  

JobTeaser is used in the Universities of Eastern Finland, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku, in Åbo Akademi, in Aalto, Tampere and LUT Universities and in the Hanken School of Economics. Valojobs is used by the Universities of Vaasa, Oulu and Lapland.

In both services, you can target your advertisement through one form to the universities of your selection free of charge. Below, you will find instructions on how to use each system.

On the Find a specialist page you will find further information about the universities’ terms and conditions for publication, fields of study, internships and thesis collaboration.


In the Job Teaser service, you can post your job advertisement to nine Finnish universities at the same time with a single form.

1) Log in 
Log in to the service and create an account. You can manage and monitor the publication of your advertisements via your account. You can also see how many views your advertisements have gained. Old advertisements will be archived on your account. 

2) Advertise jobs 
You can post job and internship advertisements and offer thesis topics to students.  Select the universities you wish to target your advertisement to on the posting form. 

3) Receive applications 
You can direct applications to your organization’s recruitment system or your own e-mail. If you choose the e-mail option, you can process applications and contact applicants through your JobTeaser account. 

The following universities use JobTeaser: 

  • Aalto University  
  • Hanken School of Economics  
  • University of Helsinki  
  • University of Eastern Finland  
  • University of Jyväskylä  
  • Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology  LUT
  • University of Oulu  
  • Tampere University  
  • University of Turku  
  • Åbo Akademi 

JobTeaser logo

Free services and services subject to a charge 

More than 700 higher education institutions and universities in Europe use JobTeaser.  Posting a single advertisement to any of these universities separately is free. 

If you buy visibility from JobTeaser, you will gain visibility in all of these institutions or only in those of your choosing. In Finland, in addition to the 9 universities, JobTeaser is used by some universities of applied sciences as well. With a Finland service package, JobTeaser offers visibility in all of these higher education institutions.

Further information on the services for sale: Antoine Pingeot ( JobTeaser is a commercial partner for universities. Further information about the JobTeaser enterprise can be found on the company pages

You can also create an employer profile for individual universities in JobTeaser. Universities introduce employer profiles gradually and in various ways. For more information, contact University Career Services.


Valojobs reaches students and recent graduates of the Universities of Vaasa, Oulu and Lapland. 

1) Advertise a job without registration 
You can advertise jobs without registering for the service and manage your advertisements through an editing link. You can target the university of your choice or all three at once.  


2) Register as an employer 
You can register for the service and create an account for your organization. Posting and monitoring advertisements on the account is easy. The service is especially useful for employers who post often: Saving the basic information once is enough. In addition, one company account can have multiple users.

Posting advertisements is free.