A coaching-like approach to support internships

A successful learning experience rewards both the student and their instructor For many university students, the summer also involves an internship or summer job. Workplaces welcome students in various roles: as mentors, colleagues or even internship instructors. The start of an internship is an important stage during which people get to know each other, prepare…
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Recruiter, who fits in your corporate culture?

We have only been talking for 10 minutes, but my notes already fill up the whole page. A total of ten years of work experience in the forest industry in three different countries, five of which in managerial duties; a master’s degree in environmental sciences that will soon be completed within the target time; extensive…
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Universities are collecting data on careers again

    Every autumn, around 18,000 university graduates are sent a national career monitoring survey. The survey is sent to graduates who have completed their Master’s degree five years ago and to doctoral graduates who have completed their degrees three years ago. The next round of career monitoring surveys will be launched in October!    The career monitoring…
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Hurrah for the Aarresaari network!

Finnish universities’ career services collaboration has more than 20 years of history and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The university career and recruiting services were established as a result of the early 1990s depression. These services strived to improve universities’ capacity to support students’ and graduates’ employment and work skills. The services were…
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