Cooperation with universities

Universities and Aarresaari as a network offer companies and other organisations many ways to participate and collaborate. The aim of cooperation is that all parties benefit from the activities.

Forms of cooperation 

Universities cooperate in many ways. 

Every university has its own practices in coordinating cooperation. Some universities have a special cooperation unit and in others cooperation is strongly committed to the contacts of teaching and research staff. Employer representatives can participate in teaching by giving guest lectures or by giving students opportunities to solve real-life business problems. Case problems and working life projects are an integral part of many universities’ teaching practices. Employers are also welcomed to offer students opportunities to make study visits. 

In addition to teaching and research, cooperation is carried out in career services and student associations, whose events employers can participate. Many universities organise general and field-specific recruitment events every year. Furthermore universities provide mentoring programmes and some of these programmes focus on employing international students. Check the events calendar for more information about events and mentoring programmes.

You can find information on internships and thesis collaboration possibilities on the ‘Find a specialist’ page.

Contact universities for more information.   

Partnership with the Aarresaari network  

The Aarresaari network is your partner in co-development:  

  • employment opportunities for university students
  • enhancing recruitment processes
  • enhancing internship processes   

We collaborate for example with state administration, trade unions and the National Union of University Students in Finland. The internship group of the Aarresaari network meets annually with the representatives of state administration regarding internship processes in the governmental units. These meetings help to develop internship practices both in universities and state administration, convey relevant information and discover areas on which universities and state administration can work together.

We are happy to establish new dialogues between universities and employers. Join us!  

The Aarresaari network consists of several themed work groups: 

  • Steering Group 
  • Employer Cooperation 
  • Internships 
  • Career Monitoring 
  • Education and Guidance 

Learn more about the network and these work groups.