Tips how toreach students with your job posting

A well-written ad catches the student’s attention better. We have compiled some tips for efficient use of the JobTeaser service.

The universities’ job exchange service Jobteaser is meant for job and internship advertisements as well as offers for a thesis placement that are suitable for university students or graduates seeking employment. The jobs advertised must require academic education and support the student’s studies or employment after graduation.

The title of the job ad

In JobTeaser, you advertise in an environment where many interns are wanted. Thus, for example, “Intern” alone as a title does not stand out from the crowd and says very little to the applicant. Try to describe the core of the task in the title as accurately as possible. Good titles are, for example, “Trainee for algae monitoring and water status surveys”, or “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ personnel unit is looking for a university trainee who is interested in HR issues and labor law”.

Contract type/traineeship

Universities require that the pay for the traineeship be visible. Universities do not publish traineeships located in Finland, in which the pay is less than the minimum wage (€1,283 per month in 2022).  The job description must clearly state whether a traineeship grant, paid by the university, is required for the traineeship. Exception: international traineeships, for which students can apply for an Erasmus grant, for example.

Contact information

Add the contact details of the contact person in the ‘Job description’ field. The contact information of the JobTeaser recruitment account holder is not visible to students in the published advertisement. All job/traineeship advertisements should include the contact information of a person who can provide more information on the role.

Summer jobs / trainee program

If your organization is looking for dozens or even hundreds of employees to the same program, you should consider making at least a few separate ads to JobTeaser about the various tasks in the program. In JobTeaser, you can only select one job area for an individual ad. For example, it is a good idea to separate engineering and communication jobs into your own ads. According to their own chosen criterias, students follow ads in their own JobTeaser view.

Using multiple JobTeaser platforms simultaneously

Via the portal, you can convey your job advertisement to either all universities or the universities of your choice (which use the JobTeaser service) with one and the same form through the joint JobTeaser platform. In the case of universities of applied sciencies (polytechnics) that also use the JobTeaser service, the advertisement must be submitted separately to each school. It is a good idea to use the incognito / anonymous window in your browser when submitting a job advertisement. You cannot be logged in to different universities or Aarresaari’s JobTeaser platform at the same time in the same browser.

Our service promise is to publish your message within three working days. Especially during hectic times, we can unfortunately not guarantee the publication of an ad faster than that.

More info:

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