Career Monitoring

Career Monitoring Results Now Include a Report on Salaries!

Results of University Career Monitoring Surveys Published – New Report Includes Salary Information!   The results of the 2023 career monitoring surveys for universities have now been published on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Vipunen service! The survey targeted master’s graduates from 13 Finnish universities who graduated in 2018 and doctoral graduates who graduated…
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Universities are collecting data on careers again

In the autumn 2023, around 18,000 university graduates are sent a national career monitoring survey. The survey is sent to graduates who have completed their Master’s degree five years ago and to doctoral graduates who have completed their degrees three years ago. The next round of career monitoring surveys is open 2.10.-11.12.2023.   By answering…
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Is your field suffering from a shortage of talent?

Shortage of talent is a daily recurring topic on news and current affairs programmes. “Talent shortage poses a threat to investments in Finland.” “Up to 80 per cent of employers report problems finding the skills and talent required.” What are the fields suffering from a shortage of talent, and why? The national career monitoring survey,…
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Blog post about COVID-19 questions

It is that time of the year when those conducting career follow-up surveys get to the best part of the process – analysing the results of the autumn 2020 survey. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly gave the year a twist and, fortunately, the career monitoring group was awake and prepared last spring. The group decided to…
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