Build your Brand and Recruit from Universities

Skilled workforce is the company’s most important asset. In 2022, we have encountered both a labor shortage and a record number of vacancies. In this competitive situation, the organization should be a desired workplace and stay up to date with the students’ expectations and values. Successful recruitment requires long-term work, visibility and building a positive employer image in students’ everyday life. Universities offer various opportunities for this, from mentoring to recruitment. 

Researched knowledge and versatile know-how

The research carried out in universities produces new information, which is transferred to the study contents of the degree programmes. In recent years, universities have invested especially in innovation activities and business cooperation, which aims to solve the new complex challenges facing our society. A scientific way of thinking combined with innovation creates the know-how companies need.

In Finnish universities, there is expertise from technical sciences to humanities, and students’ expertise is built up from broad-based disciplines. Familiarize yourself with the diverse range of education by university.

Hire an intern 

Enthusiasm, sharing skills and mutually learning new things – that’s what an internship is at its best. By hiring an intern, you expand your network into the world of science and gain a valuable resource for your organization. 

It must be remembered that an internship is a practical learning experience and resources must be reserved for guidance. The tasks must be sufficiently versatile, but a trainee cannot replace an expert. 

In particular, international students at universities need internships. More than 11,000 students who came from abroad to complete their master’s degree are currently studying at the universities. For companies, hiring an international intern is an excellent way to internationalize. A diverse workplace encourages creativity. 

The salary tells about you as an employer and affects the employer image of your company. As a general rule, universities do not publish unpaid traineeships at all and require that the salary exceeds at least the Kela’s work requirement minimum wage (EUR 1,283/month, in 2022). 

University-specific information about intership:

Advertise jobs and internships at universities free of charge 

The JobTeaser platform is used by the universities of Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä and Eastern Finland, Hanken, Åbo Akademi and Aalto and LUT universities. Valojobs reaches out to students of the universities of Vaasa, Oulu and Lapland. 

Both services allow recruiters to target their job advertisements to several universities in one go. 

On the Advertise to students page you’ll find more detailed information and instructions on using JobTeaser and Valojobs. 

Selections from universities’ recruitment events  

Recruitment events are a significant way to be visible on campus. Alongside traditional fairs, new concepts have been developed. A few selections from university recruitment events have been compiled in the list by university. There is not yet information about all the events and it is worth following  the websites of the universities. 

Aalto University

Hanken School of Economics

University of Helsinki 

LUT University

University of Oulu 

University of Tampere

University of Turku 

Contact information

You can find all the university’s contact information on the Aarresaari contact information page. Feel free to contact us!

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