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Career surveys collect information about the employment of academic graduates and the special skills needed in working life

Universities monitor how graduated students can find employment and how they succeed during the first stages of their careers through the annually conducted national career survey. Career surveys are sent to masters graduates five years and to doctoral graduates three years after graduating. 

The autumn 2019 career survey will start in October. Its target group consists of students who completed a higher university degree, a degree in pharmacy or a kindergarten teacher´s degree in 2014 or a doctor´s degree in 2016.

These graduated students will be approached by text message or letter in October and November. In addition, students who have entered their contact details in their university´s alumni register can be approached via email. Students can respond to the survey online or on paper.

Diverse information about careers and skills

The career survey aims to collect information about the first years of employment after graduation. Graduated students are asked to evaluate their satisfaction with their degree and their career up to this point, and to describe any factors that helped them to get a job.

The survey identifies the skills required in working life and graduated students´ opinions of how university-level education helped them to develop these skills. In addition, respondents can provide current students with hints of the skills needed in future working life.

- Responses to the career survey will be used at universities, for example, in the development of education, guidance counselling, teaching and research. By responding, alumni can support the development of university-level education and help current and future students. Every response is important´, says Eric Carver, chairperson of the career monitoring work group of Aarressaari, the career services network of universities.

Results available to all

Results from career surveys are publicly available in the Vipunen information service where results from 2018 are already available. The results from this autumn´s survey will be made public in 2020. Results from career surveys are also available in the Töissä.fi service where information is presented in visual format. The Töissä.fi service has more than 130,000 users every year.

Information obtained through career surveys can be used in teaching and guidance counselling at universities and secondary schools. Career surveys produce systematic information for the development of university education and for decision-making processes. In addition, the master´s survey results will have an impact on funding allocated to universities starting from 2021.

Career surveys are conducted in cooperation between members of the national Aarresaari network for working life and career services.

More information about career surveys of universities:

More information about career surveys

Eric Carver, specialist, University of Helsinki
Chairperson of the career monitoring group in the Aarresaari network, +358 50 5935019