FAQ about the website reform

The reform of the Aarresaari.net website and the related disappearance of the JobBoard view of job offers have attracted attention and we have received a great deal of feedback about it, both positive and less so. Thank you for that! Based on the feedback we can improve our services further.

Here are answer to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Do you have sites also in English?

Yes, now we have. In English sites has been published 19.6.

Are the advertisements sent through Aarresaari.net website no longer public and available for anyone?

I have already graduated and I no longer have access to university-specific recruitment services!

As a rule, job advertisements published through Aarresaari are public and they can be found on universities' own websites instead of the JobBoard view. Universities advertise job offers according to their own service practices on their website and/or intranets, as well as through e-mail lists. Job advertisement views of universities websites are openly available for graduates. Learn more about the practices of various universities on their respective websites.

As an employer, how do we reach those people who have graduated, when according to your press release, job advertisements will be available ONLY through the universities.

University career and recruitment services also serve recent graduates – most universities allow them to use the services for around one year after graduation. Most universities publish job advertisements on their open webpages, which means that they will also be available to alumni who have already graduated.

If I want my advertisement to be published in all universities or just the university of my choice, what do I do?

When submitting the advertisement, you may select "all universities" or the universities of your choice from the list of target universities. You may also add universities afterwards through an ad-specific edit link.

Can I review the advertisement I have submitted?

When submitting your advertisement, you will be asked to give an editing password. After you have submitted the advertisement, you will receive an acknowledgement and a link by e-mail through which you can review and edit your advertisement or remove it before the application period ends. Make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct to ensure that you receive the acknowledgement message.

If you wish to see what the advertisement looks like displayed in the systems of various universities, familiarise yourself with the services provided by the universities to which you have chosen to send the advertisement. If the university publishes job advertisements in a separate recruitment system and you wish to ensure that the ad has been received in the system, contact the university in question.

Why has the website been reformed and who is responsible for the service?

Aarresaari network operations are maintained and developed by the staff of the career and recruitment services operating in the universities. The cooperation network of 12 universities has employs no staff. Provision of job and job placement positions for university students and recent graduates is one of the most important duties of the network. This duty is performed by the university career and recruitment services in accordance with the service practices of the university in question.

In the future, our contact interface, particularly with employers, will be common and employers will be able to send job advertisements to the student and recent graduates of all universities or those of their choice. Unfortunately, the old, retroactively moderated JobBoard was open to various bogus advertisements and phishing attempts, which is why the new service will moderate all advertisement in advance at the universities.