Make your plans reality

When you have thought carefully about yourself and your situation over from a variety of perspectives, the time has come make concrete decisions on how to implement your plan and reach your goal. What is your next step?

Draw up a concrete implementation plan, which will guide your actions for at least the next year.What are you going to do next year?

• What is your goal? And what are your related interim goals?
• Will you reward yourself for reaching interim goals?
• What resources and whose help will you need to implement your plan?
• What things promote activities taking you towards your goals?
• What possible obstacles are there? How will you deal with them?
• What is the time scale for reaching your goal?
• Where, how and when will you start?
• How will you monitor the realisation of your plan?

It is worthwhile every now and then to stop to check how you are progressing towards your goal and take stock of the situation. Is there a reason to change the goal? How has the realisation of your plan progressed? You can always rethink your points of departure and alternatives.