Know the labour market

In addition to self-knowledge, you must know the labour markets: what kinds of jobs there are and what they could mean to you. Think about what kinds of things and people you would like to work with. Find out what opportunities and alternatives you have.

Remember to also take into account regional factors: what is the employment situation in your field in your own region and whether you are willing to move in order to seek work.

Google, talk to friends, acquaintances and family, visit recruitment fairs and working life events organised by your university, read job advertisements. Follow newspapers and magazines related to finance and your own field and pay attention to appointment news.
Utilise employment information and career stories of people who have graduated from your field. All this may open up completely new perspectives and opportunities.

Information interviews
An information interview is one way to get information about some tasks and its requirements. The aim of information interviews is to acquire up-to-date information about some of your career alternatives.

Contact a person, who is employed in a position that interests you and ask them to answer a few questions. You may look for suitable persons online or by using your existing networks. It is also worthwhile utilising social media, for example, by following people or companies that are interesting to you.

You can use the following assisting questions as support for the interview:

• What kind of competence or special skills does the work in question require?
• Are there formal qualification requirements?
• What kinds of tasks are included in the work?
• What is the most rewarding thing about the work? And what is the most challenging thing?
• What kinds of routes are there to employment in the position in question?
• What development and study needs do I have now or in the future, if I decide to apply for a job in this company/industry?
• What are the future outlook and employment opportunities in the industry/organisation like?