Career Planning

Career planning is conscious and goal-oriented activity originating from you and your hopes for the future. Career planning should not be taken narrowly as planning related solely to studies but a life-long process and attitude spanning you entire working career. Achieving competence in future expert duties and planning your own career require that you stop, concentrate and think:

• Where am I going?
• What interests me?
• What am I good at?
• What is important to me?
• What kind of work do I want to find after graduation?
• What opportunities do I have?
• How am I going to fulfil my plans?

Meaningful work as a goal
Recognising your personal traits and aptitude helps you to focus your job search in sectors and on duties, where your best facets come out. Finding a meaningful job supports your work motivation and well-being at work.

Do not hesitate to contact the career counsellors at your university if you feel that thinking about this on your own is not enough. Discussions with a career counselling professional, bringing your thoughts out in words, often makes it easier to see the whole spectrum of your opportunities.