Career monitoring survey

Career monitoring survey for the graduates of 2012 with masterīs degree and 2014 graduated doctors

How graduates from different fields have found employment? Are the graduates satisfied with their degree and the first years of their career?

During next couple of weeks nearly 14 000 graduates of 2012 with masterīs degree or discontinued bachelorīs degree as well as more than 1 700 doctors who graduated in 2014 will receive a career monitoring survey from their university.


Every response is highly important

Career monitoring surveys provide a lot of important information on the career paths of the graduates including the quality of the employment. In addition the surveys reveal what kind of skills and competences the graduates consider most important in their work and encourage the students to acquire.

– Every response is highly important. The feedback from the graduates form the basis for developing university education. Also the information of the career paths of the graduates is extremely valuable for students considering their options and decisions, says researcher Juha Sainio from University of Turku.

The surveys are a part of the career monitoring scheme of the national network of academic career services (Aarresaari). All Finnish universities excluding the National Defence University participate in the surveys. The results of the ongoing surveys will be available in the beginning of 2018.

The career monitoring surveys of the universities are being developed together with ESF-funded LATUA-project. The aim is to raise the response rate as well as increase the awareness and utilization of the surveys.

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