Thank you for the feedback

We gathered feedback both from students and employers that have used the system in the spring. Feedback was in overall positive but we also got some great development ideas and some of them have already been executed.

For students the most important and requested renewal is that the adverts open in a new tab (or window if you want) instead of the popup windows. We also changed the location categories to be more exact – from Finland´s provinces to counties and abroad was divided my continents. The old adverts will still have the old categories.

There are still some changes coming up, for employers and students. Some will be executed in 2016 and some may be already in use in 2015. We are currently solving how to get more detailed information for employers on how their adverts have been published in different universities.

Employers ­–  If you have further feedback on the system please send email to or the university you have done business with.

Students – inform your university career services if you have feedback.

Feedback is powerful – keep it coming!

Best regards, development team