About Career Monitoring

The national network of academic career services (Aarresaari) has been conducting graduate surveys and collecting career monitoring data at Finnish universities for ten years. Surveys are targeted at Master's degree graduates five years and PhD graduates two to three years after graduation. The objective of the monitoring is to provide data on the quality of academic employment and the equivalence of the skills provided in academic education to the needs of tomorrow's working life.  The results are used in teaching and guidance work as well as in the decision making and planning of academic education. Career monitoring survey data is also utilised in the töissä.fi web service. The latest survey for 2011 graduates began in November 2017 and results are expected in the early 2018.

Previous results

People with doctoral degrees have found work corresponding to their education well (pdf). (Press release 19 Feb. 2014)

People with academic education find work corresponding to their education well, even though employment challenges have grown (pdf). (Press release 4 Oct. 2013)