Instructions for browsing job advertisements

The browse view displays the open job, internship and final thesis positions announced by employers to the university. By adding and removing checkboxes, you can select which of these are shown in the list. The type of position offer is also shown in the listing in the heading of the advertisement.

The total number of adverts is shown in the header above the listing. The default view is for 100 adverts but you can select how many advertisements are displayed on the page at one time; 20, 50 or all. You can use the arrows at the bottom of the page to move to the next page, the beginning or the end of the listing.

You can arrange position offers in the view by clicking "Region", "Advertisement published", "Application period will close on".

Advanced search > opens up more search options. Advertisements corresponding to your advanced search are immediately displayed in the position listing. You can clear the advanced search criteria, for example, for a new search by clicking "Clear search".

Free text search searches for the word in question in all the advertisement fields.

You can search advertisements by area. More detailed area searches, for example based on the name of town, may be performed with the free text search. More detailed information about the employer's location can be found in the advertisement data.

You can also search for advertisements by field of education. The field of education search is based on the wish expressed by the employer in their advertisement about the fields to which the position is to be offered. An employer may also have offered the position to all fields of education; for example, summer jobs and positions that are suitable for working during studies. So search advertisements also by other fields of study and "Not education sector specific". More detailed field of education-related searches can be performed with free text search.

The advanced search also allows you to select whether part-time or hourly work or just summer jobs are listed. The Other in the type of job may also mean subcontracting or entrepreneurship or freelancer work or, for example, writing a final thesis on a grant.

In the advanced search you can also search for jobs not requiring Finnish or Swedish language skills. This choice is made by the employer and it means that they can consider also applicants not having skills in Finnish or Swedish. Read more about the language requirements in the advert.

You can search adverts is three language version, choose your preferred language from the upper right corner. This affects only to the appearance of the page, not the advert listing itself.

The information displayed in the position listing has been provided by the employers and they are responsible for the accuracy and content of the advertisements. Feedback about job advertisements and, for example, suspicious advertisements may be sent to the career and recruitment services of your university.